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Tyrown Waigana

Wandandi Noongar and Ait Koedal
About me

I am a multi-disciplinary artist and designer. I enjoy taking on work that pushes creative limitations, which allows me to grow as an artist.

About me

I am a multi-disciplinary artist and designer. My practice includes painting, illustration, sculpture, animation and graphic design. My heritage can be traced to Wandandi Noongar people of South West Western Australia and Ait Koedal clan from Saibai Island in the Torres Strait. I was born in East Fremantle (Walyalup) and grew up in the surrounding suburbs. I enjoy taking on new and exciting work that pushes creative limitations, which allows me to grow as an artist. Honestly, I just want to make wild stuff.

A special moment for me was realising I’ve formed a life that I never thought was possible, it was a just a dream. I've wanted to do this since I was a child. It’s crazy and wild that I can create something that others enjoy and get paid for it.

The reason I create is steeped in my heritage. I grew up watching people around me draw, paint, carve and much more. One reason my family members so were creative is to express the fragmented pieces of culture they retained. It was also a way of passing through time and space. You’re bored - do a drawing, you want a necklace - make one. It’s where my obsession with creating stems from. Even though a lot of my practice isn’t directly related to culture it is why I do it. Our learning systems are through speech, imagery, symbolism, knowing and being there, and is often too complex to be quantified by letters.

Other than art I am a martial arts practitioner, I do MMA. I enjoy cooking, watching movies and cartoons and doing childish things with my mates. My pinky fingers are bent and I don't remember where the cups are in my house. I’ve lived there for over 5 years. Most of my inspiration comes from trying to make sense of existing. I'm most passionate about my practice, I grow so much as a person with desire to create.

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