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Tori-Jay Mordey

Torres Strait Islander, Meriam, Dauareb and Muluigal, Wakaid
About me

I am an established Indigenous Australian illustrator and artist based in Meanjin (Brisbane). A lot of my art revolves around human connection and exploring my racial identity. My work combines stylistic cartoons with realism to capture the complexities of our emotions.

About me

I am an established Indigenous Australian illustrator and artist based in Meanjin (Brisbane). Over the years I’ve honed my skills in digital illustration, traditional drawing, painting, printmaking and film while also expanding my skills as a mural artist.

A lot of my work revolves around human connection and exploring my racial identity. In my illustrative work I often combine stylistic cartoons with realism to help capture the complexities of human emotions, distorting and exaggerating the characters in a way that helps express and expose their vulnerabilities. In my mural work, I strive to create visually playful imagery to softly embrace onlookers with colours, life and vibrancy.

I was born up in the Torres Straits on Thursday Island but spent majority of my childhood growing up in Hervey Bay. A lot of my connection to country revolves around my connection to family, and this is expressed in my art. Throughout the years, I've deeply explored my racial identity and the complexities that come with being a biracial child brought up through two polar opposite cultures (my father's English heritage and my mother's Torres Strait Islander heritage). I began heavily reflecting on the different features me, my siblings and relatives share, while also showcasing that the family connection we have goes deeper than just skin colour. Like with any of the pieces I create, my focus is to always welcome vulnerability and vibrancy into the space.

The main goal with all my art is to make an emotional connection with another person. Whether it’s a deep longing sad connection or an uplifting positive connection, my goal is to be able to express myself and have that expression be felt and heard.

I also have a love and passion for films, dancing/dancers, and music in general. When I draw I might be heavily inspired by a character from a film, the way a dancer moves their body, or how different types of music can pull certain emotions out of you. All these things play an important role in my process when creating art.

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